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Celebrity Transformations and Impersonations

Check out Debra Filipelli's Makeup Transformations, Face Art, Makeovers and Comedy Sketch Videos  makeup artist

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The Body Paintings

Body Painting Artists:  The Tiki Man: Matteo Arfonatti,  Sugar Scull 's Face: Debra, body: Dutch Bihary.  Octopus  won 2nd place at the FPBA: 

Rochelle  & Campbell Walden,  Brie Rogerson. 



Face & Body Painting

Impersonations & Celebrity Transformations

Temporary Tattoos & Henna

Whether you want to hire Debra for your next event doing her awesome face paintings or have a full body painting making your art dreams come to life, you are sure to wow your attendees. Body Painting can be used for advertising your brand, product or business logo or to replicate the theme of your party or event. You also can have yourself painted to make a living art dream of yours come true! 


Temporary Tattoos & Henna

Impersonations & Celebrity Transformations

Temporary Tattoos & Henna

The air-brushed temporary tattoos are a hit at any event. Customers love them so much and get so many compliments on their new cool look. Temporary Tattoos are a great service to add to your venue, your attendees will rave about how awesomely realistic they really are!  The tattoos last anywhere from 2-4 days. 

Henna is another service that is quite popular. Henna last two weeks on the skin. 


Impersonations & Celebrity Transformations

Impersonations & Celebrity Transformations

Impersonations & Celebrity Transformations

Debra does the most amazing celebrity transformations. Book her for your next event or party. Having a celebrity impersonator at your party is one of the most exciting, fun and uplifting experience for your guests. They will love to mingle, talk and dance with the impersonation. Debra makes a show out of her impersonations by talking, dancing, and acting like them. Her most popular impersonations are Michael Jackson, Cher, Prince and Bette Davis. Your guests will be highly entertained with Debra's talent and her fantastic and funny personality. 

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